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Arlington National Cemetery & Mount Vernon Tours:

Mount Vernon Tour
One of the most visited historic homes in in the United States, George Washington's country estate of Mount Vernon is only 16 miles south from Washington DC. The 14 rooms in the mansion that are open for viewing have been restored to the original colors, and contains a numbers of the original furnishing. You can see the large dining room, where Washington was officially notified that he been elected the first president of United States, and see the bed in which he dies on December 14 1799. After the Revolutionary War and eight years as president, he retired to Mt Vernon, living here from 1797 until his death two years later.
Arlington National Cemetery Tour
Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetary
Once the home of Civil War General Robert E. Lee and his wife Mary Custis. Shortly after General Robert E. Lee left his Arlington plantation to fight for the Confederacy in 1861 during the Civil War, the Federal Government confiscated his property and later in 1864 Union Quarter Master Montgomery Meigs recommend that the property be set aside for a National Cemetery. Today the 612 acre Arlington National cemetery is the final resting place of our fallen American's military Heroes. Arlington National Cemetery tour include stops at the Tomb of the Unkowns for the changing of the guard, grave of President John F. Kennedy, grave of Robert F. Kennedy, Iwo Jima Memorial and much more....

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